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Hear Again
Audiological Services, Inc.

We Put People First!

At Hear Again Audiological Services, Inc., our mission is to provide the most personalized, compassionate and unhurried care to guide you through your hearing journey. 

We've  proudly served the Virgin Islands  and neighboring Caribbean islands in the private and public sectors for over 15 years.  Dr. Wincess Gentius, our Clinical Audiologist, was inspired by her first hand experiences and desire to address the needs of individuals living with hearing impairment.  Having a father who is hearing impaired has given her insight into how hearing loss impacts the individual and family unit as a whole.  She completed her doctorate in Audiology from AT Still University in 2007, is an active member of the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA).

At Hear Again Audiological Services, Inc, we enjoy developing a long term relationship with our patients and providing quality and specialized support. We value all of our clients and believe that everyone has the opportunity to experience an improved quality of life. Dr. Gentius is especially poised to connect with you and/or family members who may be living with hearing loss to find a sensible solution. 

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We aim to utilize our knowledge, expertise,  amazing advances in hearing technology and assortment of resources to find the best solution so you can get back to your life's purpose!

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Dr. Wincess Gentius

Clinical Audiologist

"Helping people to take control of their hearing has been my life's purpose.  Having first hand understanding of the challenges and needs of hearing impaired individuals is the basis of my work. Being raised by a parent who had severe hearing loss allowed me to develop a special skill with in-depth understanding of the impact of hearing loss on the individual and family unit as a whole"- Dr. Gentius

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